Antarctica Military Whistleblowers with Linda Moulton Howe

01.31.2020 - By Truth Be Told

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Tony and Captain Ron are back with Linda Moulton Howe talking about her attendance of the Conscious Life Expo and talking about her first broadcast in January 2019 of her video of Navy Seal and Marine whistleblowers, Spartan 1 and 2, Linda has received other confirming whistleblower information about huge, mysterious architecture two to three miles deep under the ice of Antarctica. Since the early 1970s and deep ice-penetrating radar investigations, there have been U. S. military operations to explore different, large alien sites hidden from human civilization by all the ice, but allegedly still operating with energy, light and bizarre holographic projections that emerge from some deep tunnel walls. The star maps on some large doors allegedly link to interstellar trade throughout and beyond the Milky Way Galaxy.

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