Arcade Perfect Podcast Ep 37 - Midnight Resistance

10.24.2019 - By Arcade Perfect Podcast

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It’s the Arcade Perfect Podcast Episode 37 and we feature ‘Midnight Resistance’ by Data East (1989)This episode we are joined by Midnight Resistance fan and Final Fight and Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo Twin Galaxies record holder Evan Weston from Sydney, Australia.So it’s time to rotate those sticks and fire in the direction of all of the ports of this great arcade shooter. Which version will resist the Golden Turd ? Tune in to find out!!A very big thank you to Garry Arnott for making up our episode avatars. You're awesome the Patreon’s!! We appreciate your support! a thank you!You can also check out Arcade Perfect Podcast on Facebook here > check out This and That Gaming Postcast with Dave, Mark and Daz  here > Facebook > and That Gaming Podcast > track -

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