06.25.2020 - By The Genetic Genius

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Is your environment damaging your DNA? JoinNaturopathic Physician,Mark Woodall, as he discusses the environmental toxicants, the chemical burden on the body and natural solutions for detoxifying the DNA.

Some of the enlightening topics discussed on today's episode:
1. What's the difference between a toxin and a toxicant.
2. How do health and beauty products increase the toxic load and disrupt the immune system.
3. Are you exposed to toxins while driving or commuting?
4. Why are home air filters so important?
5. What is the dirty dozen?
6. Do pesticides cause inflammation?
7. What is fascia and myofascial pain syndrome?
8. How does light affect your circadian rhythm and contribute to insomnia and what are blue light glasses?
9. How do you know if you have mold in your home or car and is it affecting your health?
10. What are Dr. Woodall's favorite immune supporting herbs and supplements?

This episode really opened my mind to the many toxins in the environment and the importance of living in a "clean"' environment, I ordered an air filter right after this interview!

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