Are SPARK, Gladiators and Shock The Best Teams In The WORLD?! | Tactical Crouch Ep. 250

07.23.2022 - By Tactical Crouch - A Competitive Overwatch Podcast

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Shanghai are dead, long live the church of Shy! Midseason Madness has lived up to its name. With upsets aplenty (yes, this was recorded prior to Shanghai losing to ATL) AVRL, Yiska, and Volamel set the stage for the semi-finals of the 2022 Overwatch League Midseason Madness.

#Ad #overwatchleague #sanfranciscoshock  00:00:00 - Introduction plus Yiska's early thoughts on NA - APAC asymmetry 00:05:15 - Juked partnership update 00:08:57 - Starting to think about this season's awards 00:13:03 - sHockWaived 00:28:25 - Recapping the middle rounds of Midseason Madness 00:39:00 - Dynasty crumbles 00:44:37 - Looking at the Reign & the Outlaws 00:55:38 - Checking in on Fusion & Mayhem 01:12:43 - Glads & Spark deliver a classic 01:29:13 - Shock stomps Shanghai 01:38:16 - Predictions for Friday's matches Support the show by checking out #ad Follow the show & our hosts on Twitter Join our communities to connect with other OWL fans Ways to support the show:

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