06.11.2012 - By Are UFOs Real? - T.L. Keller

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Dr. Robert E. Farrell received his Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering from The Ohio State University, his MBA from Western New England College and his Doctor of Engineering from the University of Massachusetts. He is now retired from Penn State University as Associate Professor Emeritus.

Twenty years ago, Dr. Farrell began serious research into UFOs and UFO propulsion for his science fiction series of books called Alien Log. He is also the author of The Science Behind Alien Encounters.

In this interview, Dr. Farrell discusses the reality of extraterrestrial visitations and UFOs. The technology of UFO propulsion and the anti-gravity research of Dr. Podkletnov of Finland are reviewed. Dr. Farrell goes on the explain how UFOs can accelerate to 100 g (100 times the pull of gravity) and make right angle turns at high speed. There is a further discussion of the US anti-gravity technology program (for more on anti-gravity go to archives for Jan Harzan and Dr. Theodore Loder ).

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