Arthur Conan Doyle Investigates the 1908 Murder of Marion Gilchrist w/ Margalit Fox - A True Crime History Podcast

07.19.2019 - By Most Notorious! A True Crime History Podcast

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While Arthur Conan Doyle is recognized as the creator of one of the most famous characters in literary history - Sherlock Holmes- fewer people know that Doyle used his Holmesian skills of deduction to help solve actual real-life true crime cases. 
One in particular had to do with Oscar Slater, a Jewish immigrant gambler who was convicted for the brutal beating death of a wealthy woman named Marion Gilchrist in Glasgow, Scotland in late December of 1908.
My guest, Margalit Fox, is author of the book "Conan Doyle for the Defense: How Sherlock Holmes's Creator Turned Real-Life Detective & Freed a Man Wrongly Imprisoned For Murder".  She tells the story about Slater's wrongful conviction and Doyle's crusade for justice amidst a corrupt Glasgow police department.  
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