ASOIAF 2: Game Of Thrones- Chapters 25, 26, 27

11.07.2020 - By Unspoiled! A Song Of Ice And Fire

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These chapters are Eddard, Jon, Eddard. Credit to MetroGnome for the theme song, you can download it free and listen here! thanks to Hed-ush for this illustration of Samwell being menaced by Alliser Thorne. Even Pyp, Jon, and Grenn in the background are well done even though Jon is much more 15-year-old-book-Jon than heartthrob-HBO-Jon. These chapters are the ones in which RoShawn really is starting to understand the ineptitude of poor Ned in terms of dealing with court intrigue and royal secrets. He wants so badly to be above it all, and views it with such contempt, that the idea his lack of skill in this area could be his undoing doesn't even occur to him. Meanwhile, here is Sam! Hello my friend! Thanks for listening, and we will see you next week with a new episode!

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