Episode 23: Begin the Begin

01.05.2017 - By Code Grey(s)

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It's our first episode of the new year! We're back with our recap of Grey's Anatomy S2E13, "Begin the Begin." If you're interested in jumping to our Medical Fact of the Week (the relatively common practice of assigning gender to intersex newborns/infants), skip ahead to 44:20. Apologies for the abrupt end--we had a corrupt audio file and lost a lot of great material on The Ellen Pompeo twitterstorm of Late 2016.
We start out with some harsh words for R.E.M. fans before diving into our episode summary (02:40); is trout for breakfast sexy: y/n? (03:15); another Derek Shepherd betrayal (05:05); the compelling story of Bex, an intersex teen (08:45); Tréza's unpopular opinion: Denny sucks (22:13); and our BITS (38:35) which include a beautiful monologue by Bailey and our Medical Fact of the Week (44:20).

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