Being Boss: How to Create a Life and Business on Your Own Terms, With Emily Thompson

03.26.2018 - By Pursuit With Purpose

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I spent a long time watching and admiring today’s guest, Emily Thompson, from afar. You probably know her from her incredibly popular podcast and brand that she co-leads, called Being Boss. What I love about Emily is that she’s able to combine practical business skills with a sense of spirituality and femininity. Emily is the founder of Indie Shopograhy, where she helps creative entrepreneurs run online businesses. She also co-hosts the Being Boss podcast for creative entrepreneurs, which has over 3 million downloads! Due to the success of her podcast, she recently co-wrote her first book, Being Boss: Take Control of Your Work and Live Life on Your Own Terms. During today’s episode, we dive really deep into what you can find inside of Emily’s book, including her magical way of setting goals. She also talks about the transformative daily routines that she uses in her life and what it really looks like to live life on your own terms – and how to make it happen!

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