Best Of: The CIA's Search For Mind Control / Tan France Of 'Queer Eye'

09.14.2019 - By Fresh Air

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Stephen Kinzer's book, 'Poisoner in Chief,' exposes how CIA scientist Sidney Gottlieb worked in the 1950s and early '60s to develop mind control drugs and deadly toxins that could be used against enemies of the U.S. government. Gottlieb believed the key to mind control was LSD, and is credited with bringing the drug to the U.S. He also experimented on unwitting people in prisons and detention centers in Japan, Germany, and the Philippines.

Critic Ken Tucker reviews Ken Burns' new 8-part documentary series, 'Country Music.'

Tan France says he almost turned down the job of fashion expert in the Netflix series 'Queer Eye.' "The thought of being one of the very first openly gay South Asian men on a major show. ...That pressure was so hard to handle," he says. But then he thought it was an opportunity to change the narrative about his community. His memoir is 'Naturally Tan.'

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