Season 1, Ep 12: “Best Of” Upskilling for Web 3.0 & the Whitney Houston Hologram Tour + New Year, New Decade, New Show Launches!

12.15.2019 - By LIT Podcast: Where Law, Innovation & Technology Meet the Culture

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Each new level and stage in life requires a new YOU to show up. What better way to prepare for the new year and new decade that’s just two weeks away, than with a replay of season 1, episode 7 when we first talked about the next wave of innovation and how to upskill yourself to upgrade your professional lives in a rapidly-changing world. We also cover everything from Lee Daniels’ “doing too much” moment at SXSW (both Tonya and Shontavia definitely relate) to Mel Robbins’ simple but profound rule to help you get your entire personal and professional lives together.

Tonya talks about Wells Fargo’s stablecoin cryptocurrency and provides upskilling action items for today’s “new collar” jobs for the skilled professional. In Shontavia’s world, it was already the next day because she was in Sweden at an entrepreneurship conference. She was riding high on the wave of operating within one’s life purpose and was very excited about her opportunity to interview Ratan Tata, the popular Indian philanthropist, industrialist and investor. Her world tour is part exciting and part exhausting. Aren’t they all!? Then Shontavia critiques Whitney Houston’s hologram going on tour and wonders if Whitney really wants to be working from the grave. We both ponder the legal implications of it all.

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