Bigfoot TIW 10: When you bring out the trash rattle those cans or Bigfoot will rattle you, and a fresh look at Bigfoot Giganto evolution theory.

08.04.2019 - By Bigfoot Terror in the Woods Sightings and Encounters

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On today's Cryptids in the News and History segment. Kevin is going to bring to the table, the facts surrounding Gigantopithicus and Bigfoot Giganto evolution theory. This is the creature which is believed by many to be the forerunner of what we now know as Bigfoot. It is a well thought out and provocative presentation that all of you will enjoy.
And in part 2, you are not going to want to take the garbage out alone anymore, after hearing about a young mans encounter while doing a little dumpster diving. Tune in, and make sure you are wearing your adult diaper for this one.
And finally we will once again be opening up our listeners mail, in what will undoubtedly be a very interesting and informative session for the listeners (

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