Blast Barrel Bonanza (With Newman)

05.20.2021 - By Earworm Arcade

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If you're gonna shoot a barrel, you better be all the way across the room!
MadHatter dials up Newman, one of the most notorious supporters of Retro Game Champion and quite the expert on gaming, and invites him into a Deathmatch. Or a Dukematch. If you haven't caught on by now, the episode is about classic first person shooters.
Listen in as they play music from those bloody titles and nostalgically geek out over their favorite games from back in the day, including classics like Doom, Wolfenstein 3-D, GoldenEye, and more.
Music featured in this episode: 

GoldenEye 007 - Intro
Catacomb 3-D - Too Hot to Handle
Doom II (DOS Version - Adlib) - The Demon's Dead
Corridor 7 - Alien Invasion - Floor 7
Descent (MS-DOS Version - Sound Blaster 16) - Briefing
Blood (Sound Blaster 16 Version) - Ghost Town
Half-Life 2 - Valve Song
Duke Nukem 3D (MS-DOS Version - Sound Blaster) - Title
Rise of the Triad - Dark War - Hellero
Shadow Warrior (MS-DOS Version) - Everybody Off!!!
Quarantine II - Road Warrior - Track 01
Star Wars - Dark Forces (MS-DOS Version) - Intro
Strife (MS-DOS Version) - Action
Killing Time - Toot Sweet Jazz Band - Time Trapped Isle
Unreal Tournament (MS-DOS Version) - Enigma
Wolfenstein 3D (MS-DOS Version) - Wondering About My Loved Ones
Doom (MS-DOS Version - Adlib) - Sweet Little Dead Bunny


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