408. Blood, Sweat, and Frontiers

08.25.2017 - By Podigious: A Digimon Adventure 2020 Podcast

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After several months and being stuck in a forest, the final Trailmon is leaving the station. It’s time for our special season-wide Frontier retrospective review! We dive into season 4 podcast stats, announce the winners of the Frontier Fantasy Draft, and discuss the results of the Frontier Listener Favorites Polls as we gab about our favorite kids, ships, allies, enemies, Lucemon forms, Trailmon, arcs, and episodes. We also pick the best dialogue from the season in the Omega Dialogue Draft, update our Digimon season rankings, and introduce The Newlysib Game! You can find the full show notes for this episode and leave comments at http://podigious.com/408/.

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