S3 E4 - Body Image with Nadia Craddock

07.30.2019 - By The Food Medic

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This week Dr. Hazel chats to Nadia Craddock who is a body image researcher and PhD candidate at the Centre for Appearance Research, based at the University of the West of England in Bristol.Nadia's research is centred around whether big business can foster positive body image through the lens of corporate social responsibility. Her wider interests span eating disorder prevention, colourism, weight stigma, and developing evidence-based body image and self-esteem curriculum. Nadia also produces and co-hosts the Centre for Appearance Research’s podcast, Appearance Matters: The Podcast with fellow PhD candidate Jade Parnell. Topics covered on this episode include: what body image is and who it affects, protecting your body image and mental health online, the recent stir-up of the plus sized NIKE mannequin, and body positivity. This weeks question is “Is green tea good for burning fat?”. So if you’re interested to find out the answer stay tuned to the very end of the episode.

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