Bodybuilding Legends Show

By John Hansen

What's Bodybuilding Legends Show about?

This website is devoted to the Legends of Bodybuilding from the 1960’s to the 1990’s. Featuring extensive interviews with the Bodybuilding Stars from the Golden Age of the sport, the Bodybuilding Legends Show reveals the history of the sport of Bodybuilding through the careers of it’s most legendary stars. Learn about the competitions, the emotions and the motivations of the best bodybuilders in the world. Each interview is full of video clips and photographs from the legendary competitions as well as colorful recollections of the Bodybuilding Era during it’s classic years. Enjoy the best years of Bodybuilding on the Bodybuilding Legends Show website!

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Ed Connors and Tim Kimber


Ed Connors and Tim Kimber, two of the owners of Gold's Gym in the 1980's, talk about how they acquired the gym and made it into the biggest gym empire in the world. Ed and Tim also talk about how ...

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