Bonus Interview - Creating a Culture of Excellence and Belonging with Richard Henderson

06.04.2020 - By The Leadership Coach with Christian Muntean

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In this episode, Christian is joined by Richard Henderson to discuss how to create a culture of excellence and belonging.  Richard Henderson is a native of Scotland who has translated to the US. Before coming to the US, Richard played fours years of professional Soccer in Scotland. He has several degrees related to coaching and Physical Education. Richard has done his Masters work in leadership, and has worked in Higher Education for the last eight years. For 15 years he has coached elite youth soccer at the highschool, college, and semi-professional level.  Richard is the owner, and Principal consultant at the Nevada Networking Institute.    In this episode: How Richard found his way to leadership Leadership archetypes What an environment of excellence and belonging looks like Resolving conflict quickly  Getting to the root cause Accountability Individual and systemic coaching Building high performance Psychological safety .

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