BONUS: Kye rambles about Trauma, Pain + Reconnecting With Their Body

09.03.2018 - By Feelin Weird

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BONUS episode!  This is the first time I've tried doing an episode where I talk about my life and ramble on (in like....2 years???).  It's scary to put this out there, but................I don't really care anymore. Things I talk about: my father's depression my trauma acknowledging my trauma healing my trauma how my trauma affects how I exist and the relationships I have the INTENSE pain and fear and hurt that exists within my body my GAYness  anger and hurt (go hand in hand) 'The Body Keeps The Score' the first time I used a dildo moving out of the city; moving to calm/quiet/nature the power of journaling positive affirmations moving in with my parents for the fourth time as an adult adopting a dog??? LEARNING TO LOVE/ACCEPT MYSELF FOR THE FULL EPISODE, GO TO PATREON.COM/FEELINWEIRD

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