Bonus Episode - OUAC Celebrating 5 Years in True Crime

06.07.2021 - By Once Upon A Crime | True Crime

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Once Upon a Crime celebrates 5 years in true crime by summarizing the show by the numbers, sharing 5 Surprising True Crime Facts, and letting listeners in on a giveaway to win OUAC merchandise and prizes. Text OUAC to 408-676-1770 to opt-in to receive texts from Once Upon a Crime and enter our drawing! Text messaging provided by Text Sanity. Thanks so much for listening and supporting Once Upon a Crime over 5 years! OUAC episodes referenced in this bonus episode: Episode #3 - Lost and Found: The Cleveland KidnappingsEpisode #8 - Killer Kids: Brenda SpencerEpisode #39 - Monstrous Moms and Dastardly Dads: John ListEpisode #14 - Fatal Fans: Rebecca SchaefferEpisode #156 - Behind the Crime: Aileen WuornosEpisode #130 - Disorder in the Court: Ellie Nesler Episode #127 - Bad Sports: Soccer Brawl in BrazilEpisode #42 - A Woman Scorned: Betty Broderick Episode #50 - Millionaire Murders: Spoiled Son - Dale EwellEpisode #200 - Chopped: Anjette Donovan LylesEpisode #110 - Listener Suggestions: The Texas Cadet MurderEpisode #45 - A Woman Scorned: Murder by MercedesEpisode #196 - Hookups from Hell: Wade Ridley, "The Murderer" Episode #189 - Body of Evidence: Stacy Peterson Episode #38 - Monstrous Moms and Dastardly Dads: Diane DownsEpisode #40 - Monstrous Moms and Dastardly Dads: Susan Smith Episodes #71 and 72 - The 12 Crimes of Christmas: Laci PetersonEpisode #46 - Murder in Paradise: The Yosemite Murders Episode #65 - Murder in the Family: The Briley - Use discount code ONCEUPON21 for 10% off your registration. Sponsors:Acorn TV - Try Acorn TV FREE for 30 days by going to Acorn.TV and using my promo code once (use all lowercase letters). Munk Pack - Get 20% off your first purchase of any Munk Pack product by visiting and entering code ONCE at checkout.

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