Season 1 Ep 6: Bullied over Trademarked Tees, Uber’s Trade Secret Thieves & France Says Non! to FB

09.15.2019 - By LIT Podcast: Where Law, Innovation & Technology Meet the Culture

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Shontavia and Tonya are on the road (AGAIN) and burning the midnight oil. Both are sleepy! In fact, Tonya almost missed the recording after “resting her eyes for a spell” like her Nana just before the recording light went green! But of course they still managed to deliver all the fire for this episode, as always. Shontavia talks about the most recent stop on her five-city national tour. Tonya’s attending the National Lesbians Who Tech Leadership Summit in the Big Apple. In What’s Got You Lit™, Shontavia talks about a fourth grader bullied over a homemade University of Tennessee Volunteers t-shirt that he wore during his school’s spirit day. She reminds listeners to have a strong IP strategy in place, especially when you find yourself “going viral”. Both hosts discuss how and where to begin. Shontavia also updates a S1E5 topic, 'The' Ohio State University trademark, to cover the current office action status of this trademark battle. Tonya returns to her crypto roots and shares that France says it will block Facebook’s Libra in Europe. Then she talks about a former Uber self-driving car executive charged with criminal theft of trade secrets from Google and breaks down trade secret basics and connects trade secret to an overall intellectual property strategy. In Make Your Fire Work™, Shontavia tells you to “stay ready so you don’t have to get ready” and Tonya encourages you to “find your tribe.”

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