Calming The Anger Storms

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What's Calming The Anger Storms about?

Welcome to Calming the Anger Storms. I am your host, Ron Garcia. I am a Conflict and Emotional Development Coach. I serve as the Lead Coach at the Center for a Positive Humanity. This show is a community service where we present different topics all related to Emotional Intelligence and Conflict Resolution. In addition, we discuss inspirational stories of overcoming anger. Finally, we just offer some down to earth basic explanations of the process of change.
The show is fully funded through your generous contributions. Join my special guests and me every Wednesday night.

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Celebrando Nuestra Herencia


Rescheduled Presentation September is Hispanic Heritage month. We are so thrilled that Jesse is with us. . In 1982, Jesse Bermudez, and others, united to protest poor working conditions for Latino musicians in the North Philadelphia club scene. The musicians ...