Cannabis & Main

By Civilized Studios

What's Cannabis & Main about?

Civilized’s new podcast, hosted by veteran journalist and thought leader Ricardo Baca, is a quick study on cannabis' increasingly ubiquitous impact on the modern world. From PTSD to social justice, commercialization to sleep, pesticides to stoned driving—how is cannabis changing the way we live and practice self-care and prescribe medicine and steer drug policy? A digestible, 20-minute podcast with host Baca (Rolling Papers, The Cannabist) dives deep into the day's most pressing issues with trusted leaders of science, industry and government. Cannabis & Main is produced by Civilized, ƒ/4.20 Films and Grasslands: A Journalism-Minded Agency.

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Cannabis & Hyperemesis Synd...


This episode of Cannabis & Main is sponsored by Fluent Cannabis Care. Learn more at Alice Moon is Director of Communications for Blunt Talks and Account Coordinator for RRPR Creative. Learn more about show host Ricardo Baca at ...

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