9/4/2016 Cat and Tess the Mountain Gypsies with special guest Dana Wingerd

09.06.2016 - By Beyond The Edge Radio

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The kids are back in school and labor day weekend is upon us as Eric and Marie welcome back our favorite ladies of the Paranormal world the Mountain Gypsies Cat Young, Tess Huges with special guest Dana Wingerd. In the first half hour Panic'D and Dark Shadow Ghost Tours own Shawn Donley and Marianne Donley will be joining us live for a new location in the "Haunted Spotlight." Then at 8:30 pm Est, we welcome back the lovely ladies who will be sharing their "Mountain Magic" with us and Dana will be sharing a truly hair raising encounter of her journey in darkness and back to the light, all thanks to the help of the healing from the Mountain Gypsies. This is a show of healing and inspiration that you don't want to miss, so make plans to join us this week to hear a fascinating journey from darkness to light and what you can do to protect yourself from the dark forces that surround us daily, this week on BTE Radio with the Mountain Gypsies and Dana Wingerd.

About the MOUNTAIN GYPSIES Cat Young and Tess Hughes

Lecturer, Spiritual Adviser, Radio Host, Ordained Minister, Spiritual Warrior and so much more. She is blessed with a Cherokee/Scottish/Gypsy lineage of gifted, spiritual loved ones. Spiritually Gifted in so many ways,Cat is used by God for whatever he needs her to be at that moment.Cat is hard to label with the ability to have the sight, healing, abd seeing through the veil. She is a southern woman and everything that goes with that, Healer, Reiki Master/Teacher, Essential Bars Facilitator, Mountain Healer and Heritage Healer, an Ordained Minister, Aesthetician, Cosmetologist, plus more and continues in education on healing. Cat fights the darkness, she is of the Light. Cat Lecturers and goes about speaking as needed. She will and has assisted on haunted investigations and exorcisms. She is a Warrior for God, following the teachings of Jesus Christ, she does not condemn, it is not her job. She was blessed with gifted children, one works along side her doing healing, her name is Tess Hughes (very gifted child). Cat had a Shaman tell her "some people are a body looking for light", you Cat are a Light trying to stay contained in a body and most people will not understand you, Cat says, Ahhh but that is my magic!!!!
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Tess Hughes, born in the Appalachian Mountains of Tennessee, where Cherokee blood runs from all veins of her family. She also comes from a long lineage of those, gifted with the sight, that she uses for healing and paranormal investigating. She has always used true gifting to help those who are in need, through the love and healing power of God. Tess is also a gifted healer who is a Reiki Master / Teacher. She is also certified in Advanced QEEG and BIO & NEUROFEEDBACK, and AUDIO/VISUAL ENTRAINMENT. Tess is also a certified counselor. A wonderful gifted holistic healer and teacher. Through God's supernatural touch Tess received healing as a child to overcome leukemia which increased her understanding of those who are in need. As a child she had a deep wisdom and understanding of life that few have as adults . She is truly one that has been touched by God. Since birth her story is amazing and it starts with a fight for life since in the womb, but God had bigger plans and now she is an accomplished gifted seer/Mountain healer and Heritage Healer. She comes by this honestly through her well known, multi-gifted, mother,Cat Young. Cat joins Tess on the show when she is not working with or on other paracelebs. Cat has taught Tess the ways of their craft and strong family Cherokee/Scottish/Melungeon Gypsy ties. From the healings to the secrets the mountains and that the gypsies hold dear.
To learn more about the Mountain Gypsies visit https://www.facebook.com/Mountain-Gypsies-754597404610251/?fref=ts

About Dana Wingerd
Dana is a paranormal investigator and co-founder of N.E.P.I Northeast Paranormal Investigations and the successful and long running Phenom(continued)

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