Cat-tastrophe in D.C., 2001: A Sperm Odyssey, Adam of Oz, and John Finally Sees The Last Jedi... Yikes!|119|

09.08.2018 - By Magical Mystery Radio: Conspiracy & Paranormal Review

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Tonight we talk about the possible political sabotage from within the Trump administration. Are we witnessing a coup attempt? Regardless of your politics, none of this bodes well for the future of our country, especially if the Demon Cat starts appearing again. Oh, hadn't heard that one? Yes, apparently a Demon Cat haunts the Capitol Building during times of great political strife. Is the apparition a warning? A harbinger of death? Or chaos?  But, it's mostly movie night here on Magical Mystery Radio. Adam has a revelation about the ending of Kubrick's 2001. He also reveals how he just might be The Wizard of Oz.  And John finally gets around to seeing The Last Jedi. And he hates it. Really fucking hates it. With the burning fiery passion of a million exploding suns.   Tonight's episode dedicated to Mona (Mo), the "bestest" kitty from Texas City. RIP.  "May the force be with you"  

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