Episode 100 - Celebration and a Look Back

09.23.2020 - By The Writ Wit: A Podcast About Writing and the Creative Process

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In this episode, the two Matts take on the evil Professor Von Bildungsroman, unite writing heroes from our earlier skits, bring back all our previous guest co-hosts (and all that in just the opening skit!) and talk about how this blasted podcast has somehow reached one hundred episodes. What are some of our favorite episodes we've done? What are some of our favorite running jokes? What do we want to accomplish in the future? What madness will Matt Donald have to edit if we ever get to our two-hundredth episode? We discuss all, while breaking out the champagne and thanking all our listeners for their support, and talk about The Writ Wit episode 1, episode 2, episode 3, episode 4, episode...   Want to further support the show? Sign up to our Patreon for exclusive bonus content here. If you have any feedback or questions for our hosts, you can email us at [email protected] Also, you can purchase Matt Donald's book "Megazoic" on Amazon by clicking here, its sequel "Megazoic: The Primeval Power" by clicking here, its third installment "Megazoic: The Hunted Ones" by clicking here, or its final installment "Megazoic: An Era's End" by clicking here. If you'd like, of course.   Special thanks to Allen Brooks, Sydney Chapin, Jake Chapman, Christina Eilert, Christina Franklin, Laura Owsley, and Lexi Ryan for helping with this episode. Music used for the intro skit is Dangerous Roads by Argsound, BrutForce by Argsound, Survival Race by Argsound, Crawling by Karl Casey at White Bat Audio, Triumph by MUSIC4VIDEO, Triumph of Light by Max Tune, and Archangel by Two Steps from Hell Get bonus content on Patreon See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

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