Chat With David Gregory: Director of "We Progress".

05.08.2020 - By Exercising Depression

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Content Warning: Swearing, Talk of Suicide and Mental Illness.
This week I have a very exciting episode for you; I am talking with my long time friend David Gregory. David has, along with his friend & colleague James and talented writer Craig, created an incredible short film: We Progress. 
We Progress is "... a positive and empowering drama focusing on male mental health.  We progress tells the story of Simon and Byron, two young men that are at different stages of their journey, battling, depression. Ultimately discovering that sometimes it's the simple things that can truly make a difference.  A story of hope and recovery".
The film itself premieres on YouTube tonight (Friday 8th May 2020, 8pm GMT) and you definitely need to tune in not only for the film itself but live chat with the creators and others.
There isn't much else to share in regards to the film, you NEED to watch it! Everyone and everything is linked below; I'll be tuning in too.
We Progress YouTube (Premiering 8pm GMT 08/05/2020):
Cineoteric Films Website:

The Creators:
David Gregory:
James Morgan:
Craig Murphy:

The Actors:


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