Ep. 174 Chris Anderson: The Real Future of Technology

08.07.2014 - By Stansberry Radio - Edgy Source for Investing, Finance & Economics

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The show starts with Aaron and Sean Goldsmith, the Director of Stansberry Society, discussing some of the upcoming conferences and the speakers that will be attending the upcoming event in L.A.Then, this week's guest, Chris Anderson, Founder and CEO of 3D Robotics, joins the show to share some of his knowledge on upcoming technology that most people have never even heard of...You'll hear first-hand from the expert himself about three new items that are currently being worked on to get commercial adoption... you won't want to miss his comments.Porter asks Chris to comment on how these new technologies will come together to produce new tools, perhaps new industries, and which of these things he thinks is most important?Because of all the new technology constantly being developed, is there a future economy where people work less hours and view work as more leisurely? Chris gives our listeners his opinion and what he sees happening to the economy going forward.

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