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What's Chutzpod! about?

Chutzpod is a frank and wide-ranging conversation on how to build a good life, using real-life quandaries and millennia-old Jewish wisdom. Each week, Rabbi Shira Stutman and podcast host Hanna Rosin bring a Jewish lens to life's toughest questions, asked by our listeners: Do I offer forgiveness to a friend who refuses to apologize? Am I right to be annoyed at all the service dogs on the plane with me? How do we work to heal this broken world? It's a podcast for people of all or no faiths; Hebrew school truants and proud yeshiva graduates; those who want to be inspired but don't want to schlep to synagogue; basically, anyone trying to live a meaningful life during these trying times. One part advice column, one part reflection on what Judaism teaches on how to build a good life, using real-life stories and millennia-old wisdom.

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3.04 Grandma’s Dirty Money


What happens if you receive an unexpected inheritance from a person you’ve cut out of your life? Should you keep it? Give it away to charity? Join Rabbi Shira and Hanna as they balance the rules of Torah with the ...

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