Classmander - Ep106

08.18.2021 - By Commander Social

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It’s called Classmander because you start with one of the 12 class cards in the Command zone:ℴ=name&q;=type%3Aclass Zack and Ryan discuss which class they would start with, and maybe look into what starting creature they would pick Zack - Warlock Class Cabal Initiate Leech Fanatic Promising Duskmage Ranger Norwood Ranger Orochi Ranger Ryan - Bard/Ranger/Rogue are tempting I think we can have the same kind of tax on your class card, as you have on a normal Commander The plan is also to start with a vanilla-ish creature in the Command zone, preferably of the same creature type as your class (Currently no Fighter or Sorcerer) It might be cool to let characters multi-class after a certain level, plus this would allow for decks to be 3 or more colors. By the end of the campaign (or maybe multiple campaigns) have a legendary creature, a class, and a 100 card singleton deck, hence the name Classmander. The idea: Play many games of Classmander over a long period of time, similar to a D&D; campaign length. Basically a TTRPG but instead of dice rolling to resolve combat, you play games of Magic. We have 3 spreadsheets so far (see, it’s serious!) Monster Manual This is the least fleshed out bit so far.  You could also have a higher-level skeleton deck that runs cards like Skeletal Swarming and Death Baron The idea for this is to create “encounter decks”, so for example you could have a skeleton deck with regenerating creatures, that the players will have to team up to get out of the way, because regenerating taps the creature This is a spreadsheet with a tab for each class. I went through the exercise of creating the starting level 1 Cleric deck (I have added cards to some of the other Classes, but very few).  Cleric Classmanders: Kitsune Diviner, Keepers of the faith, Samite Healer The idea is for the deck to be as “bad” as possible at the start. The lower you start, the more you have to gain, and that’s going to be the fun part of this game, Character progression! Avacyn's Collar Healer's Headdress Potion of Healing Shield of the Realm True-Faith Censer (see the flavor coming through!!!!) Class Specific Cards Fifty Feet of Rope Adventuring Gear Blazing Torch Explorer's Scope Dungeon Map Cards that could go in ANY starting deck Paladin's Shield Sigil of Valor Paladin Sorcerer’s Wand Sorcerer Blinding Powder Thieve’s Tools Rogue Class Guide Rules Tab Place to put all the general stuff The idea here is that you can put any sort of equipment or artifact or book. You know, flavorful stuff like Bag of Holding. Basically people playing in pods/campaigns will ask to have certain cards they want to add to their decks added to the item list Items Tab Same idea as the items tab, but with creatures you want to add to your deck. Might start off with a base price for common, and then more for an uncommon, and more for rare, and more still for mythic Rare. Maybe legendary creatures cost a bunch? Still playing with this idea Hirelings The idea here is that we can have a Drizzt deck, or a Minsc deck. Some adventurer that can show up and either help the players, or be an obstacle. NPCs This is going to be a template, like the kind you print out for D&D; characters, it’s still pretty rough currently. Character Sheet There isn’t much here, but the idea is that by level 20, which should be max level, you will have: Starting life total of 40 (maybe we can let this go lower/higher based on class?) 7 Starting hand size A cool legendary creature at the helm of your deck Lots of sweet cards in your deck. We can even have some cards gifted to each character upon level up Level Up Guide Classmander Core Rulebook Let’s flesh out the details a bit more We do not have a campaign created, but would be cool if we eventually get there. In the meantime, it might be fun to get a party together, and just play a few rounds against some of the encounter decks, and see what leveling up could look like The idea here is that all good adventurers take the time to keep their skills sharp, so why not have a sparring match (Montage!) against 3 other players of similar level? Good way to gain experience, and maybe gold. We’re gonna need a montage! How do you get experience? The plan is to let Patrons contribute to the spreadsheets. Ideally, a single patron could take on the challenge of creating the level 1 deck for a particular class.  Also, we plan to add a Slack channel, so that people can share ideas. Say, like Zane wants to make the Sorcerer deck, but maybe Andy Bentley has some ideas to share,  Do you want to get involved? What do you think of this idea? Is this something you’d be interested in participating in? If so, hit us up on Was this a fun/entertaining episode? Please let us know. Summary Main Topic - Classmander Keep it Social! Komiku - Battle of Pogs Zack Gets it Together Theme Title - Trap Sport By - jorikbasov Commander Social Theme Consider becoming a Patron: You can check us out at YouTube - You can email us directly at [email protected] Instagram: On twitter @commandersocial Ryan individually @greenegeek Zack individually @z4ck38 Contact Info © Copyright 2021 Leaky Dinghy, LLC

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