Climate expert Mark Lynas on the 'final nail in the coffin' of climate denial; media coverage of COP26; and more

10.22.2021 - By Reliable Sources with Brian Stelter

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Nearly a decade ago, an influential review of climate-related studies found a 97% consensus about man's impact on climate change. Now a new review, led by Mark Lynas, has found a 99.9% consensus. Lynas says the science is so settled that "it is case closed." Republicans "undermining the case for action" are basing that entirely on politics, not science, he adds. Lynas discusses how "right-wing media" in the United States tends to offer "anti-scientific perspectives on climate change" and needs to start offering more "right-wing solutions." He also discusses how climate change reporting is evolving, and what to expect from COP26, a pivotal UN climate summit.

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