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By Natalie Brunell

What's Coin Stories with Natalie Brunell about?

Learn about the future of money and how Bitcoin proposes a solution to the problems in our monetary system. Why is wealth concentration growing? Will the U.S. dollar always be the world reserve currency? Is Bitcoin the "internet of money?" Journalist and educator Natalie Brunell shares one-on-one interviews with thought leaders. Whether you're eager to start learning about Bitcoin, or already follow the world of cryptocurrency and its pioneers, this show has something for you to HODL. Join us every month and connect with us at [email protected].

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News Block: Shocking Lawsui...


In this week's episode of the Coin Stories News Block, we cover the week's major headlines related to Bitcoin and global finance: Lawsuit Claims SBF Parents Involved in FTX Fraud Anti-Bitcoin Senator Indicted on Bribery Charges How a Government Shutdown ...

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