105 Comparing Ourselves to Others

05.04.2020 - By Losing Weight to Gain Control

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In today’s episode, Gwen shares how she has noticed how she noticed she has been comparing her looks and her life to others on social media. These were actions that would lead her to eat to numb these feelings.  Listen to learn how to handle the comparison feeling without using food.  Comparing ourselves to others is not new.  Before social media, many of us probably compared our looks to people in a magazine.  We may have compared our lives to others lives and felt they are doing better than we are.  Social media has made it “easier” to compare how we look and our lives to others.  Resources available to help you: Losing Weight to Gain Control 14-Day Get Started Guide (FREE) Losing Weight to Gain Control-Loving Your Weight Maintenance Journey Losing Weight to Gain Control Food Journal Losing Weight to Gain Control Believe & Achieve Journal   How to Connect with Gwen: Website: http://www.thegwenalexander.com Email: [email protected] Facebook: www.facebook.com/thegwenalexander Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/thegwenalexander Instagram:  instagram.com/thegwen1685 Disclaimer: The information provided in this podcast is for informational purposes only.  The host of this podcast is not a medical doctor, nurse or health professional. You should talk to your doctor, nurse or health professional before you begin any weight loss/maintenance or exercise program.  

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