Episode 2: Complexity's Complex Machinations

01.19.2017 - By Around the Watch

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Episode 2 of Around the Watch, the Overwatch esports, meta, and general discussion podcast hosted by CaptainPlanet and regular guests Harsha and Pesto_Enthusiast. Joined this week by Tifa -- Manager for Complexity Gaming

Topic Timestamps:

00:00:45 - Tifa on Complexity (Jkw, Winghaven, and more)
00:02:30 - Harsha stops deepthroating his mic
00:03:00 - Gods + Kyky discussion
00:09:00 - Complexity, their coach, and Sombra strats
00:13:00 - Jeff Kaplan commenting on Reinhardt's usage on the forums https://us.battle.net/forums/en/overwatch/topic/20752490124
00:15:00 OGN Apex discussion
00:19:00 Patch rollout discussion
00:26:30 Weird Overwatch team names
00:28:00 RIP EU?
00:37:00 Team Houses in Overwatch - Important?
00:39:30 More free agent discussion
00:41:30 C9 in Apex predictions
00:43:45 PTR Balance change discussion
00:51:15 Blizzard sues cheat creating company
00:52:45 Apex + Alienware Monthly Melee predictions

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