Conversations With Moshe: The Path I’ve Chosen (Consciously or Unconsciously)

05.24.2021 - By Adventures in Truth Podcast

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As Creators, we all choose our path. That choice may be a conscious one, or an unconscious one. Most of us start off on a conventional path to acclimate more easily into this time and space reality. At some point we are confronted with another choice- to remain in the conventional experience, or to move into an unconventional experience. This crossroads happens many, many times throughout our lives. As we begin to experience ourselves as MORE, these crossroads become more important, because one choice continues in the sameness of what is/was, and the other is the off-road experience that challenges the sameness. We begin to be challenged with questions like “What is there to be afraid of?”, “Is this it?”, “Who am I really?”, “What do I really want?”.

Moshe Engelberg is back! He is the author of “The Amare Wave: Uplifting Business by Putting Love to Work” and a successful and impactful Business Consultant. On this episode we will share our personal journeys down very different paths- one more conventional, the other not so much. Yet here we are together to discuss our experiences with our own crossroads, and the impact of our chosen paths on every aspect of our experience. This will be a clarifying conversation about choice and alignment!

Ready to dive in?

About Moshe Engelberg:

He is a teacher at heart. He works to uplift people and reduce suffering by helping good organizations and their leaders put love or “amare” to work, without sacrificing profits. Born in Pittsburgh, he grew up – literally – in Mr. Roger’s neighborhood. He moved to San Diego for college at UCSD, where it took him three years to complete my freshman year. Hey, the ocean called!

While working in the health field, he then earned Masters degree in both psychology and in public health, before moving to Idaho to be a Health Promotion Specialist at HealthWise. Big picture, frustration in how poorly his field of work did marketing for something as important as health took him back to school, this time for a PhD in Communication at Stanford. In 1991, midway through his doctoral program, he began ResearchWorks, the boutique strategy consulting firm he still runs today. And concurrently he taught lots of executive education and graduate classes at San Diego universities. And co-raised his kids. Busy times.

Fast forward to now. All he learned through consulting for some extraordinary people and companies, teaching many brilliant and hardworking students, and going on his own spiritual journey, led him to write the Amare Wave, and refine his focus to what it is now: Uplifting business with the energy of love.

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