Craig Miller on being Shopify's CPO, Marketing by an Engineer, Leadership, and Scale | The Black Box of Product Management

04.27.2021 - By The Black Box of Product Management

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In our first episode ever, Brandon speaks with Craig Miller, the former CPO & CMO of Shopify and a company legend. He joined the company when it was worth less than $100M and 70 employees, and by the time he left it had grown to over $130 BILLION and 10k employees. He was the company's first marketer, and then built up the growth team as it's CMO. Mid-tenure, Craig took over the product team which he grew from 5 to 250. The winding conversation covers Craig's early career in engineering and marketing, mental models for leadership and product, and tons of stories from his 9+ years at Shopify, from the earliest days to the present.0:00​ - Intro 1:06​ - What's the vague experience listed on your LinkedIn called, "Owner"? 3:52​ - What happened after "Owner", aka Kijiji 6:52​ - How Craig came to run Marketing at Kijiji despite being an electrical engineer8:54​ - The start of the Shopify story11:49​ - The PS that changed Craig's Life (​)14:33​ - Craig's Big Hairy Audacious Goal for Shopify16:00​ - Canadian tech imposter syndrome18:44​ - "If you have ambition, you're an entrepreneur"25:35​ - Why Craig hired me, and his thoughts on interviewing/hiring30:13​ - Being a product exec role at a hyper-growth company34:32​ - Leading through others45:52​ - Projects or features that launched at Shopify that are great examples of PM thinking at the company53:38​ - The importance of the details1:02:10​ - Scaling the product management team from 5 to 2501:08:30​ - What Craig is most proud of during his time at Shopify1:10:00​ - What Craig is doing now1:15:00​ - Final question - what's the single most important mental model or principle you have for life, work or both?

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