Ep. 234: 'Cruise Ship Comedy & the Titanic Mystery' w/ Geoff Keith & Ian Gulbransen

10.20.2018 - By The E & G Podcast

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Saturday, October 20, 2018   Geoff recently performed on a cruise ship for the first time where he bumped into an E & G listener #ShoutOut Brad & Annette! On this episode, we get kicked off discussing that experience, life on the ship (where we learn the crew lives for six months at a time), "ship relationships" that don't necessarily continue when work is done & much more. @ 40:05 we shift into a chat about the unbelievable facts regarding the sinking of the Titanic, getting us nearer to the true story. Was an iceberg even involved? How bad did J.P Morgan & company want that insurance money (& gold)? Did Ian pop a Bone Tugs-N-Hard-omy when he watched 'Titanic' in the theater? Geoff grew up thinking his grandma sailed on Titanic's sister ship, the Olympic, but did she actually sail on the REAL Titanic after all? @ 1:12:25 we wrap with a 'This Is Us' chat all about Jack Pearson, not Jack Dawson from Titanic. As we just got to see more of the story of his childhood & baby brother being drafted in Vietnam. Ian & Geoff talk about their own father's draft stories, their grandpas service in World War II & the downside of cold water. #Shrinkage #Titanic #ThisIsUs   Support the podcast & check out our new website @ www.eandgpodcast.com   Our show is made possible because of our listeners & by far, the best way to support us (no matter how much you give) is by setting up a monthly donation through PayPal. On our website, there are also options to make a one-time contribution & ultimately, every dollar received will go towards our goal of doing ‘The E & G Podcast’ full-time. Thank you for helping us transform this dream into a reality!   Setup your monthly donation or make a one-time contribution through Venmo @ http://www.eandgpodcast.com/support   Follow & tag us on social media @eandgpodcast @geoffkeith & @iangulbransen   Email us questions & feedback @ [email protected]   Leave us a voicemail on the E & G hotline @ (818) 853-2055   Listen to an Audible book for free! Thanks to our friends over at Audible (an Amazon company) we're excited to offer listeners 30 days of ad-free membership, plus a FREE audiobook that's yours to keep regardless of whether you continue your trial. Just be sure to use the following link when signing up @ http://www.audibletrial.com/eandg   Finally, be sure to use promo code ‘EANDG’ to receive an exclusive discount on all merchandise, thanks to our awesome sponsors: 10%-off @ www.ClothingByOWL.com & 20%-off @ www.PuppiesMakeMeHappy.com   *Intro rap written & performed by Danny James @lildee_raps 

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