Episode 33: Damage Case

11.14.2019 - By Code Grey(s)

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In this weeks' episode of everyone's favorite Grey's Anatomy recap show, Patrice and Tréza attempt to record the show without Megan and things unravel very quickly: We begin with Patrice trying to explain Motörhead to Tréza, with very limited success. She has similar success with her episode summary of Season 2, Episode 24 (3:20), an episode that involves: one bathroom, three women (7:00); Preston Burke moping about sex (12:30); Denny's readiness to shake off his mortal coil already (19:05); a "hillbilly picnic" (28:50); one very melodramatic reconciliation scene (40:00); Derek and Meredith and the birth of their ship name, #Meredick (48:00); and this week's M&M (55:48) which includes a deeply queer, deeply TRAGIC Song of the Week, as well as a rare Worst Song of the Week. LONG LIVE #MEREDICK

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