Episode 206 - Dana Gould in "The Tragicall Historie of Plan the IX: Pt. 2"

03.11.2020 - By The Damn Dirty Drive-In

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Hearken back to Renaissance England, when Queen Elizabeth I ruled, and Sir Francis Drake circled the globe, and the great playwright and Immortal Bard Edward D. Wood Jr. dominated the stage. The Damn Dirty Drive-In is proud to present, in radio play form, Part Two of our encore performance of Ed Wood's "The Tragicall Historie of Plan the IX," with Dana Gould; original theme song by Greg "Storm" DiCostanzo of Paul and Storm; Tim Blaney from "Men In Black" and "Short Circuit," Frank Dietz from "Zombie Nightmare," and Jackey Raye Neyman Jones from, "Manos: Hands of Fate."

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