David Hariri on co-founding Ada, the pivot that created a unicorn, and what product-market fit feels like | The Black Box of Product Management

07.27.2021 - By The Black Box of Product Management

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Brandon speaks with David Hariri, co-founder of Ada, an AI powered customer support platform that raised at a 1.2B valuation in May 2021, entering the very rare echelon of Canadian tech startups reaching unicorn status. Ada enables large customers like Zoom to deliver great customer support experience at scale.David recounts his upbringing, and the myriad of experiences that led him to be a developer and designer at Teehan and Lax, which was acquired by Facebook. He also covers the epic story of founding his first startup, Volley, almost shutting it down, and then betting their last 9 months of runway into pivoting into what became Ada. It's a great example of persistence and the ups and downs of startups.

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