DB Cooper

08.15.2018 - By Those Conspiracy Guys

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TRUE CRIME - On this episode of Those Conspiracy Guys we talk about the most mysterious unsolved crime to grace the skies of the United States, the strange tale of DB Cooper. On 24th November 1971 a man in a fancy suit and sunglasses stole $200,000 dollars from authorities after he hijacked a plane and then jumped from that plane with the money, never to be seen or heard from again.For forty years this crime has been unsolved and no one knows the identity of the gentleman thief. Some are putting out some pretty good guesses but they are all still fruitless. Its speculated that he was a military man with training; some say he worked for the airline; some even speculate that it was an inside job and he many never have existed at all!Comedian Chris Kent joins me to talk about DB Cooper and the strange tale of where this cash went and why he was never found! We also talk about other famous hijackings, loads of other suspects from down through the years who could be the infamous DB Cooper and the fact that everyone in the 60s wanted to hijack planes to Cuba! You can find Chris from the links below.You can find Chris Kent and his comedy here at http://www.twitter.com/chriskentcomic or http://www.chriskentcomedy.com ________________________This podcast is supported by the generous donations of the wonderful folks over at Patreon. If you want to support the show and get exclusive content, ad-free episodes, access to live chats and private social media like Instagram and Discord and a whole load of other stuff click here http://bit.ly/TCG-PatreonIf you want to follow TCG on social platforms including the Discord, watch video versions of the livestream podcast and documentaries; or even join in on live chats about current events; buy TCG merch; get notifications of and buy tickets to upcoming live stage shows or to just support the show on Patreon; all the links, info and instructions you can find by clicking this link http://www.linktr.ee/thoseconspiracyguys

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