#DEADSTINY - The End of Star Wars Destiny

01.22.2020 - By Discard to Reroll - Star Wars Destiny

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FFG has cancelled Star Wars Destiny. What does that mean for the upcoming set releases, organized play, Worlds, and more importantly, the community. Join BananaCrapshoot along with competitive team members Hinkbert and Tenderloin Vadersnatch with our special guest - Mike Rudin AKA the Rebel Spy as he makes his triumphant return to the game he once loved. This isn't the end for the cast as I may have mentioned in the show... A heartfelt thank you to our patrons for sticking by us all these years, to Jeremy Zwirn - for being a class act when it most likely wasn't easy to be, our friends at FFG who both have lost their jobs as well as those still there who always tried to help us out.

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