Episode 13: Deny Deny Deny

08.24.2016 - By Code Grey(s)

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In this episode, we cope with some audio issues in addition to: rodeo vs. rodeNO (01:12)...Tréza's 6-point "Kalpana" Vera explainer (06:52)...Jeremiah Tate and the limits of our sympathy coupled with the tragedy of cystic fibrosis (10:45)...no really--HOW OLD is Miranda Bailey, MD??? (18:57)...Ellis Grey's continuing reign of terror (16:57)...the debate over Yang's obligation to Burke, re: the pregnancy and also Burke's butt (32:40)...D.A.M. or Derek, Addison, Meredith (42:50)...The Sweet Home Alabama rule of divorce papers in film/tv (45:08)...and our BITS (52:08) including Megan's passionate plea to the costuming department (1:01:14).
Our Medical Fact of the Week will be published as a special BONUS episode and it's a DOOZY so check it out after listening to Episode 13!

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