Devout Muslim Finds Jesus at Twin Towers on 9-11

02.12.2016 - By Amazing Testimonies Podcast (Christian Testimonies | True Stories | Inspiration | Faith)

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Charles Featherstone is a writer, journalist, singer/songwriter, and pastor who for many years was a devout Muslim until he met Jesus at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

Charles H. Featherstone is the author of The Love That Matters: Meeting Jesus in the Midst of Terror and Death (Cascade Books).

Tune-in now and listen to Charles share his life's testimony about growing up in the suburbs of southern California, going to school being constantly teased, taunted and picked on by schoolmates, enduring frequent verbal abuse from a teacher, living in fear of an physically abusive father, feeling like he didn't fit in anywhere with anyone and feeling alone, isolated and unloved!!!

Hear Charles recount how his searching to belong and yearning to find for answers to life toughest questions, led him to becoming a devout muslim who became an eager and willing volunteer to suit up for jihad.

But then, 9-11 happened and everything changed!!! On this episode of "Amazing Testimonies Podcast" Charles explains how he was an eye witness to the horrific events of 9-11 which changed his life forever!!!
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