DIGITAL PARENTING: An Honest Conversation with Emma Bunton and DAUK

01.13.2021 - By Honestly Podcast with Clemmie Telford

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In this special bonus episode of Honestly, sponsored by Vodafone, Clemmie chats to Digital parenting ambassador Emma Bunton and founders of Digital Awareness UK Emma and Charlotte Robinson on the topic of digital parenting. In the first half of the episode, Clemmie finds out how Spice Girl - Emma communication and sets boundaries with her children on their screen time in order to find balance. They talk about trusting your instincts with your children, setting times of the day they are able to use their tech and most of all, trusting and learning with your child about how to navigate this together. In the second half, Clemmie chats to Emma and Charlotte from DAUK about some of the support they are providing for parents, and the Vodafone pledge which helps start the conversation of being safe online, to healthier habits. For more information on today's episode, please check out

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