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Soccer takes itself too seriously. Everything from pre-match handshakes to the very name of the sport (soccer? football? futbol? calcio?) gets scrutinized and debated. We’re here to pop that balloon and give the beautiful game the podcast that it truly deserves: One that's childish, nonsensical, and occasionally funny. Hear weird news, comedy sketches, infighting, and merciless takedowns from the writers and editor of the award-winning blog DirtyTackle.net. From the pitch, to the stands, to the dregs of FIFA headquarters, no one escapes the boot.

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Dirty Tackle is part of the Panoply Pilot Project, where YOU help decide what gets turned into a series. Launching March 23.

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"Apologizing to Andres Inie...


As we process the news of Dimitar Berbatov's feature film debut, we have dirty tackles for the FA's plan to sell Wembley, Juve's big-match performances, and Theo Messi's unhinged rant about Jurgen Klopp. Then we ask if Andres Iniesta deserved ...

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