Do We Have ENOUGH? Junker Queen & Overwatch 2 Roadmap Reactions | Tactical Crouch Ep. 240

06.18.2022 - By Tactical Crouch - A Competitive Overwatch Podcast

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The action may begin on October 4th but the Overwatch community finally have the shot in the arm we’ve been waiting for. We’ve got a roadmap, a new hero, Beta phase two, and whatever a “mythic skin” is! FINALLY Overwatch 2 feels like it’s on its way. AVRL, Yiska and Volamel reveal their reactions to the recent Overwatch 2 news and more!
00:00:00 - Introduction
00:06:24 - Rundown of all new OW2 announcements
00:10:42 - Free to Play and game integrity discussion
00:24:55 - Battle Pass, monetization, and industry discussion
01:04:21 - Content roadmap, seasons, and PvE
01:30:51 - Beta 2 talk and Beta 3 speculation
01:48:27 - New heroes: Junker Queen and Fox Girl(?)
02:14:25 - Competitive/ranked rework
02:33:45 - Outro

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