11.10.2021 - By Adrian Goldberg's Talk Show

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We live in a supposedly equal society but the gender pay gap is currently 8% in favour of men; there’s plenty of evidence showing that government Austerity measures disproportionately affected women; while the debate around the murder of Sarah Everard highlighted how harassment, abuse and violence have become normalised - so do we need a Womens’ Bill Of Rights? 

It’s 35 years since the UK ratified CEDAW -United Nations Convention on the Elimination Of All Forms Of Discrimination Against Women – which sets out a comprehensive framework for tackling gender inequality. But critics say that because it’s never been embedded in a law – unlike the European Convention on Human Rights - it’s an inefficient tool for challenging l government decisions which disproportionately affect women and girls.

With Dr Jocelynne Scott, President of CEDAW In Law, and Sian Norris, Chief European and Social Affairs Correspondent for Byline Times. We also hear from Shirley, who didn't wish to use her surname. With thanks to Joanne Welch.

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