05.27.2021 - By Adrian Goldberg's Talk Show

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"On the day" reaction from Byline TV to Dominic Cummings astonishing attack on his former colleagues at two parliamentary hearings. The Prime Minister’s Former Chief Advisor told MP’s that tens of thousands of people had died unnecessarily because of the government’s mishandling of the pandemic and that Boris Johnson was unfit to lead the country. Older people he, said were discharged from hospital into care homes without being tested for Covid allowing the virus to spread. He also said Health Secretary Matt Hancock should have been sacked for repeated lying. Cummings assault supports the criticisms of Johnson and the government made in the Byline Times and on this podcast over many months.

What you’re going to hear is analysis with Byline Times co-founder Peter Jukes, editor Hardeep Matharu, Chief Politics and Investigations reporter Sam Bright and Labour MP Dawn Butler.

Presented and produced in Birmingham by Adrian Goldberg.

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