Ep. 140 Dr. David Eifrig: Income Intelligence Is Revealed

03.20.2014 - By Stansberry Radio - Edgy Source for Investing, Finance & Economics

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This week, Dr. David Eifrig, editor of Retirement Millionaire, Retirement Trader, and Income Intelligence joins Stansberry Radio.As we all know... Porter and Doc don't agree on a lot of things... Doc is seeing a cyclical recovery on its way. If you take a step back and look at the overall trend, you will see we are breaking free of a recession and are on an upswing.Aaron asks Doc to comment on his current World Dominating Dividend Growers in his portfolio.Find out why right now might not be the best time to get into these types of stocks... They also break down Doc's newest product, Income Intelligence, a newsletter that gives you the opportunity to learn how to earn high yields on safe investments and understand all the financial forces affecting your income.Hopefully you are paying attention, because an Income Intelligence pick is revealed.Subscribers pay hundreds of dollars for Doc's recommendations… Here, you get one for free.And... for all our health nuts out there, Doc shares some great tips, including three medical tests that are completely unnecessary.

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