88: Dr. Greg Teaches Us to "Remember Your Death"

05.04.2020 - By Do Something Beautiful

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Dr. Greg Bottaro, Executive Director of the CatholicPsych Institute, is back to talk to Leah about some timeless truths that the COVID-19 pandemic is unearthing for a lot of us.

Dr. Greg and Leah start by asking "How will you be different after this time?", which is a great question for us all to be asking. Dr. Greg points out that nothing is more revealing about what's inside us than a shake-up in our worlds, and this is a moment where the whole world is being shaken up.

This is a time to be challenged and learn about ourselves, and finding ways to grow in virtue.

This is a time to look at how we approach the concept of death - in fear and anxiety, or to remember that we have a God who has defeated death!

Challenge from Dr. Greg: Take 10 minutes to do absolutely nothing. Not prayer, not listening to music, not talking to anyone, (it's ok if you go for a walk)... but do nothing.

To learn more about the CatholicPsych Institute or to find a therapist, visit CatholicPsych.com.

Don't forget to order a copy of Dr. Greg's book, The Mindful Catholic for yourself, and one for someone else! It's that good.

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